Triops Galaxy was founded in 2020 by Sladjan Lazic as a start-up. Sladjan is a blogger, web designer and entrepreneur from Munich.

In 2020, he came into contact with the topic of primeval crabs by chance and discovered his enthusiasm for these small prehistoric creatures. So he decided to start his own first Triops farm. Due to a lack of expertise, he simply did not succeed in getting the nauplii to hatch from the breeding stock after a few failed attempts.

He then began to research intensively on the Internet and acquire knowledge on the subject of primeval crayfish and their breeding. He searched almost every website and blog on the subject and used every piece of useful information. In the course of time, he accumulated a great deal of theoretical knowledge and began to put it into practice. And suddenly the Triops hatched! 😀 That was the “Sputnik moment.” From then on, he enjoyed breeding a lot and bred several colonies in parallel. There were still setbacks and some colonies died, but from each breeding he could take away new experiences and make the next breeding better.

He documented some of his breeding experiences in breeding diaries. Since he now produced more Triops eggs than he needed for his own needs, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession in the summer of 2020 and founded the online shop Triops Galaxy to offer his customers the best products and Triops eggs.