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At Triops Galaxy you get everything you need for successful Triops breeding.

Triops are not only found in nature, but are increasingly finding their way into domestic aquariums, arousing the fascination and euphoria of breeders. However, these last “living fossils” and freshwater crustaceans are becoming increasingly rare in nature. One more reason to take a closer look at prehistoric crayfish and explore these extremely interesting creatures. Here at Triops Galaxy – your online specialist shop for primeval crayfish and aquaristics – you will find everything you need for successful Triops breeding. If you want to breed primeval crayfish, you need high-quality Triops eggs. With our Triops eggs from domestic breeding you will successfully breed Triops and have fun doing it!

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Grow your primeval crabs easily at home with our home-grown and tested Triops eggs.

Many hobby breeders are disappointed at the beginning of their Triops breeding when only a few nauplii hatch and die after a few days. Disillusioned, many breeders give up and think that they just don’t have the right touch for successful Triops breeding. Yet breeding primeval crayfish is not complicated, but it does require some knowledge and experience. The founder of Triops Galaxy has also had the experience of non-hatching nauplii in countless breedings and has experienced bitter setbacks. After a long period of research, he gained the necessary experience and built up a successful Triops breeding programme. What do Triops eat? What is the best way to breed Triops? What do I have to consider if I want to buy primeval crabs? Should I breed Triops longicaudatus or other species? You will find these and many other answers in our guide.


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Very helpful and ready to answer directly, also fast delivery and perfect processing, you feel in good hands here. I can only recommend it, keep it up and thank you very much!

Claudia K.

I’ve just received mail from Triops Galaxy, and at first glance it looks very good. There are a lot of eggs in the mounts and the breeding instructions are written in a very understandable way. I think it will be a good breeding.

Leon / leons_world_of_animals (Instagram)

Here, the quality speaks for itself. I have been able to achieve the best results so far with the approaches/eggs I have bought here. I noticed straight away that the quality here is completely different to what I had previously known. I was also very surprised by the incredibly fast shipping time! This really makes it fun, thank you very much!

Manuela W.

Mega hatch rate and many have survived so far.

Bernd B.

Hi, I used your mixture 24 hours ago and I already have 3 nauplii swimming in the tank! Thanks for the great approach!


I bought a kit from you and 13 Triops hatched! After almost 3 weeks I still have 6 of them, they all died for various reasons / mistakes on my part. In any case, your kits are great.



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