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Can I feed Triops with apples?

Triops, these fascinating prehistoric crustaceans, have an amazing ability to adapt to different environments and survive. But how can we as keepers ensure that they receive a balanced and healthy diet? An unexpected answer to this question lies in an everyday food that can be found in almost every household: apples. In this blog post, we will explore the many ways in which apples can be incorporated into Triops diets and why they are a valuable addition to the diet of these fascinating little creatures.

Apples in the Triops feeding

Apples are not only a favourite human delicacy, but also an excellent addition to the diet of Triops. They provide a variety of nutrients that are essential for the well-being of these small crustaceans. Apples contain fibre, vitamins such as vitamin C and B vitamins and important minerals such as potassium and magnesium. By adding apples to the Triops diet, keepers can ensure that their Triops receive a balanced diet.

How are apples used in Triops feeding?

There are various ways in which apples can be integrated into the diet of Triops:

        • Fresh apples: Triops can be fed directly with fresh apple pieces. However, these should be washed thoroughly beforehand and the skin and seeds removed to minimise the risk of contamination. Fresh apples provide Triops with a healthy and varied meal.
        • Dried apples: Dried apples are a practical option as they keep for longer and are easier to handle than fresh apples. They can either be bought in shops or made at home by air-drying thinly sliced apple rings or dehydrating them in the oven.
        • Applesauce: Another approach is to use applesauce as a food supplement for Triops. Applesauce is rich in nutrients and can easily be given in small amounts as a treat for the Triops.
        • Homemade apple jelly: For a special treat, Triops keepers can prepare their own apple jelly. To do this, fresh apples are cooked and pureed before being made into a jelly. This can then be portioned and offered to the Triops as an occasional treat.

        Feeding Triops with apples – Conclusion

        Apples are an excellent addition to the diet of Triops. They offer a wide range of nutrients and can be integrated into the Triops diet in various ways. Whether fresh, dried, as puree or as jelly – the versatility of apples allows Triops keepers to offer their small crustaceans a varied and balanced diet. So if you want to keep Triops or are thinking about it, you should definitely consider using apples as part of their diet. Your Triops will thank you with vitality and activity.

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