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Guppies: Colourful wonders and vibrant diversity

A fascinating riot of colours, a lively social life in the aquarium and reproduction that seems almost magical – that’s the guppy (Poecilia reticulata). Guppies have long been known and appreciated in the world of aquaristics, and for good reason. These small freshwater fish have captured the hearts of novice and experienced aquarists alike, not only because of their stunning colours, but also because of their unique behaviours and remarkable adaptability. Today’s blog post delves into the world of the guppy – from its original origins in the waters of South America to the colourful breeding varieties that can now be admired in aquariums around the world. Let’s dive into the world of guppies together and uncover the secrets behind their colourful scales and lively nature.

Guppies: profile

Synonyms:Millionfish, Rainbowfish
Scientific name:Poecilia reticulata
Order:Toothed mollies (Siluriformes)
Family:Livebearing toothcarps (Poeciliidae)
Origin:South America
Size:2 to 6 centimetres without tail
Life expectancy:2 to 3 years
Sexual dimorphism:Yes
Appearance:Different colours (grey, green, blue, red, yellow)
Nutrition type:Omnivorous in the wild, predominantly plant-based in aquariums
Nutrition:Algae, crustaceans, plant material, aquatic insects, worms
Distribution:Aquarium fish
Habitat:Warm standing waters and slow flowing waters
Sleep-wake rhythm:Day active
Natural enemies:Predatory fish
Water:pH value between 6.5 and 8
Temperature:22 to 28 °C
Sexual maturity:From 2 to 3 months
Mating season:All year round
Litter size:5 to 20 young animals
Threatened with extinction:No
Social behaviour:Swarm-forming

Guppies: origins and distribution

Guppies are native to South America and were first discovered in areas such as Venezuela, Guyana and Barbados. Their natural environment includes stagnant bodies of water such as rivers, streams, ponds and swamps. However, due to their colourful appearance and adaptable nature, guppies have been introduced to many parts of the world and can now be found in various bodies of water.

External characteristics and colourfulness

What makes guppies particularly eye-catching are the stunning colours and patterns they wear. Male guppies are the real jewels, with colours ranging from brilliant red to vivid blue and bright green. Their fins can have long, floating ends, and they are known for their magnificent tail fins, which often appear in the shape of fans, spades or double swords. Female guppies tend to be less colourful, but they have their own appeal with subtle patterning and a more graceful appearance.

Reproduction and behaviour

One of the most remarkable characteristics of this fish species is its reproductive behaviour. They are viviparous fish, which means that females give birth to live fry instead of laying eggs. After mating, females can give birth to offspring at regular intervals over a long period of time without the need for further mating. This has led to guppies being known for their rapid reproduction.

Males are often territorial and compete for the attention of females. Their striking colouration and floating tail are part of their courtship for mates. This behaviour leads to colourful and dynamic interactions in the aquarium.

Aquarium care

Keeping guppies in the aquarium is generally quite simple. They prefer warmer water with temperatures between 24 °C and 28 °C. A well-planted aquarium offers hiding places for the young fish and creates a natural environment. Guppies are omnivores and can be fed a varied diet of flake food, live food or frozen food.

Breeding variants and diversity

Through targeted breeding, aquarists have created an amazing variety of guppy colours and patterns. From bright neon colours to metallic tones and exotic patterns, there is an almost endless choice of guppy varieties. This has led to guppies being one of the most popular and widely bred fish species in the aquarium hobby.

Guppies – Conclusion

The world of this fish species is a fascinating adventure that captivates both experienced aquarists and novices alike. From their colourful appearances to their interesting behaviours and lively reproduction, guppies offer a variety of aspects to explore. Whether you’re looking for a colourful highlight for your aquarium or simply appreciate the wonders of the aquatic world, guppies are undoubtedly a remarkable fish species that has captured the hearts of aquarists around the world.

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