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Triops do not hatch: Here are the most common 5 reasons

A few days ago you joyfully started a Triops breeding and every hour – almost every minute – you take a look into the breeding tank. But for more than three days nothing happens – the Triops do not hatch. After a few days you start to doubt yourself and ask yourself if you have done everything right. Did you follow all the breeding tips? Did you use the right water? Are the light conditions right? Obviously you have done your homework, but the Triops eggs are not hatching. So it can only be because the Triops breeder sold you inferior eggs. This cannot be ruled out either. But let’s assume that you have good, high-quality Triops eggs and that you did everything right when rearing them. And yet, the primeval crabs do not hatch. In this guide, we will look at the five most common reasons why your Triops do not hatch.

Triops schlüpfen nicht

Triops do not hatch: Primeval crabs do not always hatch within a few days

Experience shows that under ideal conditions the Triops can hatch after 24 hours. Here at Triops Galaxy it regularly happens that the nauplii hatch after 18 hours. But with some inexperienced breeders it happens that nothing happens after a week – the Triops do not hatch. But there is no reason to worry. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks before anything happens in the tank. The Triops eggs do not always hatch after a few days, but take their time. Therefore, you should not be disappointed and stop breeding after a few days, but be patient and wait up to two weeks. Further on in the article you will learn the most common reasons why your primeval crabs do not hatch.

Triops do not hatch: 1. Inferior quality of Triops eggs

Every breeder who has ever used an experimental box from the trade for his breeding knows that the hatching probability of the primeval crabs is extremely low. As great as the anticipation of the little primeval creatures is, the greater the disappointment – the Triops do not hatch. This is often due to the poor quality of the Triops eggs. The eggs often come from huge breeding farms abroad and are bred incorrectly there. Due to incorrect harvesting and storage, they are of poor quality, which has an enormous effect on the hatching rate. The result is that the Triops eggs do not hatch. Triops eggs need about two weeks in the water to develop completely.

Only then are they ready to be drained as permanent eggs. In large farms, this time is often not observed, which means that the eggs are not ready to hatch. Your primeval crabs do not hatch. In addition, the eggs are mixed with “dead sand”, which has never been in the aquarium and therefore contains no nutrients. When buying Triops eggs and breeding stock, make sure that you buy high-quality eggs from local breeders. Here at Triops Galaxy, the eggs come exclusively from local breeding. We always pay attention to a balanced diet and the best conditions for keeping Triops.

→ More information can be found in the main article: How are Triops eggs counted and packed into breeding kits?

2. Conservation of nature

The following reason for the lack of hatching of your primeval crayfish has nothing to do with the quality of the eggs or your breeding experience. It is simply a matter of natural species preservation. This ingenious survival strategy has ensured that prehistoric crabs have survived to this day and are among the oldest living creatures. In the wild, Triops live in ponds and puddles. These are formed by seasonal rain showers and floods. Before the water body dries out completely, the Triops females lay their permanent eggs. These eggs are extremely resistant and can survive extreme conditions such as heat, cold, drought and even UV rays for many decades.

Under favourable climatic conditions, the eggs come into contact with water, which triggers a hatching impulse and the eggs are activated. And here’s the kicker: not all eggs are activated by the hatching impulse, only every fourth Triops egg actually hatches into a nauplius. The remaining Triops eggs do not hatch and remain in a dry state for several years or decades before they hatch. Mother Nature ensures the preservation of the species of primeval crustaceans through this phenomenon. If all the eggs were to hatch at the same time, the species could not survive for millions of years.

Expert tip: Your Triops don’t hatch? No problem. You can dry the eggs that have not hatched again, freeze them and use them for a new breeding.

3. Wrong water

Your Triops are not hatching? One of the most common reasons for this could be the water. Opinions differ as to which water is the best for Triops breeding. You can use river water or water from a stream, as this contains a lot of nutrients and minerals, which is beneficial to the primeval crabs. Lake water is also good. But you don’t have to travel miles to a river for every breeding. A mixture of distilled and still mineral water is just as good.

Here at Triops Galaxy, the mixture of 70 per cent distilled and 30 per cent still mineral water has worked excellently and produced great hatching results. Each breeder must make his own experiences here. The question is often asked whether tap water is suitable for breeding. From experience we can say that yes, tap water can be used as long as it is not too hard and contains little chlorine. The Triops will not hatch if the water contains too many chemicals. Everyone really has to experiment a bit and make their own experiences to ensure that breeding is a success.

Otherwise you will be disappointed in the end: The primeval crabs do not hatch.

4. Wrong water temperature

Besides water quality, water temperature is the most important criterion for successful Triops breeding. Triops eggs will not hatch if the water is too cold or too warm. A water temperature that is not constant is also bad. In winter it is therefore recommended to use a heating rod in the aquarium, in summer it is not necessary to heat the water basin artificially. Species like Triops longicaudatus thrive best at temperatures between 24 and 28° C. Other species like Triops australiensis, on the other hand, need higher temperatures, preferably between 27 and 31°C. The Triops will not hatch if the optimal water temperature is not maintained.

In the table below you will find an overview of the required temperature for the Triops species.

Triops Cancriformis20 – 24 °C
Triops Longicaudatus23 – 26 °C
Triops Longicaudatus Red23 – 26 °C
Triops Beni kabuto ebi Albino22 – 25 °C
Triops Granarius24 – 26 °C
Triops Newberryi27 – 31 °C
Triops Australiensis27 – 31 °C

5. Poor lighting conditions

The primeval crabs have optimal light conditions in their natural habitat. If you breed Triops at home, you have to make sure that the breeding is supported by good lighting conditions. This is because the primeval crayfish will not hatch if the light is too weak or not available at all. Aquarium lamps with LEDs are perfect for this. This optimally covers the Triops’ light requirements. A relatively inexpensive aquarium lamp is sufficient for the beginning. When you have gained more experience in Triops breeding, you can invest a little more money and buy a lamp with a timer. This gives you many control modes and allows you to automate the aquarium lighting. Please remember that Triops will not hatch if there is no light. Therefore, you should not neglect this point.

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